• Bad Girl

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    You know I love you. But I have to say, you’ve been very bad. It must be my fault, I’ve been too soft on you. That will change when you get home tonight. I text you, “I have a surprise for you”. You say “What did you get me?” No reply.

    You get home and it’s dark. All the lights are off. There’s a lit candle on the table, and a note next to it. It says “Undress completely and report to the bedroom immediately.” You let out a little laugh. Look at him trying to be romantic, you think, as you disrobe and follow my instructions. Little do you know what I have in store for you.

    You open the bedroom door and find it also dark, illuminated only by candles. “Honey, where are you?” I step into the light, still in my work suit, and command you to “get on the bed.” You look confused, but comply. Laying on your back I come over to you, grab your wrists together above your head and fasten them tightly to the bedpost with my tie. “Wh…What are you doing babe?” “Don’t talk”, I say as I remove my pocket square and stuff it in your mouth. Then I leave the room.

    Awhile later I come back, with a bag in my hand. I pull out a clothesline zipper, two sets of 4 each with the strings tied together at the end. I clip one end of the zipper to your left inner thigh and one end to your right inner thigh. I see the bewildered look in your eyes and quickly grab you by the throat. “You are going to learn what happens when you’re bad.” I remove my hand and slap your right breast. You let out a muffled whimper. Then I slap your left breast. I alternate until both are red and your nipples erect. I grab a nearby candle and slowly pour out the wax on your nipples as you squirm and fight against your restraint. You see my delight in causing you this pain manifest in a little smile at the corner of my mouth. I leave the room again, as the wax solidifies on your breasts.

    When I come back, you see me put something into my mouth, but you cant tell what it is. I get on the bed and firmly grab your legs and spread them apart. I lower my head between your legs and you feel a cold sensation on your pussy as I slowly move the ice cube in my mouth along your lips. The ice cube moves up, then down, then up, then down until it has melted. My frozen tongue focuses its attention on your clit, and I lick you fervently. You start to moan through your gag with the pleasure I am allowing you to experience. Sensing your impending climax, I stop, and once again leave the room.

    I leave you there by yourself for awhile before I return. I move beside you on the bed. “Good girls don’t cum until they’re told to”, I say as I enter you with my middle fingers. My hand cupping your pussy, my fingers penetrate you violently. Your body trembles as you try to resist, but it is no use. Your screams muffled, I force you to orgasm. As you begin to cum, I remove my hand and say “WHAT DID I TELL YOU?”. Because you were bad again I rip the 8 clothespins of the zippers off your thighs. Your body convulses from the combined exhilaration of the pain and the pleasure.

    Meanwhile, I take off my pants, and sit you up slightly. I straddle your upper chest and remove the gag. I force my fully erect cock deep into your mouth. You gag repeatedly as I fuck your throat. I see tears start to come from your eyes and I decide you have earned my ultimate gift. I grab your head and pull you onto me hard so that my entire cock is in your mouth as I shoot all of my cum down the back of your throat.

    I remove myself and look you in the eyes. “Don’t you want to be a good girl now?” You solemnly nod your head. I remove your bind, and kiss you, and hold you, and we sleep.

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    5 Responses to Bad Girl

    1. You're such a pleasure
      December 4, 2016 at 10:30 am



    2. ...
      December 4, 2016 at 8:20 pm

      Can you…oh I don’t know…NOT post your nasty fantasies please. Good god.


    3. KC
      December 5, 2016 at 3:05 am

      I’m a bad girl but I want to be good….mmm


    4. Author
      December 5, 2016 at 3:03 pm

      @… you must be one of the many lesbians that saturate this site. So afraid of dick and how a good REAL fucking might change your perspective



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