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    My dad is dating this somewhat younger lady. She has a daughter who is quite younger than me. We’ve all recently moved in together. It was fun at first but now, I hate it. I can’t tell my dad that or he’ll think that I’m over reacting. My younger”sibling” gets her way pretty much all the time. NO JOKE. I know that younger siblings get their way more often than older siblings. I’m use to that. I have actual younger siblings. Anyways, my dad calls us a family but to be completely honest, I don’t feel apart of the “family”. They’ll do things together with out me. For example they’ll watch some of my favorite movies without me. My dad is constantly taking his girlfriend’s side against mine. If she says I did something even if I didn’t, he’ll automatically believe her because he has the mindset of why would an adult lie about a kid. My birthday passed this summer. It was the day before we moved. Her daughter’s birthday is a week after mine. My dad said we were gonna go swimming for my birthday but that didn’t happen. He was too busy helping his girlfriend set up her daughter’s camping birthday party. I felt and still feel left out and forgotten. I’ve stopped talking as much as I use to and stopped smiling as much as I use to. I’m just not myself anymore and my dad hasn’t even noticed.The thing is, I don’t feel at home in my own home.

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