• Thor

    by  • November 26, 2016 • * Safe for Work *, Forgiveness • 1 Comment

    Through the years, I’ve come to know that you liked me. But pretended like I don’t know anything. Giving you false hope, while acting like the innocent friend. I was really flattered of your affection. I’ve longed to be love and adored by someone. It was my childhood dream to find my one true love, like a fairy tale princess.

    But you are not my prince charming. I’ve used your feelings for my own satisfaction. I was consumed with the power of having a complete control of you. I’ve insulted you, degraded you, and hurt you without hesitation. Pretending like nothing was wrong. Such a sly fox, aren’t I? A childish act on my part. For that I really am sorry! Putting you on that difficult situation.

    I hope you that find peace, happiness and contentment. You deserve someone better.
    -spoiled brat

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    1. Erik
      November 27, 2016 at 10:58 pm

      Im not your Prince Charming?!?!? Well, I guess I should give up then, right? I mean, I gave it a good run. At least I have all of your degradation and pain to hold onto.

      Seriously though, the funny thing is that you say all this like you’re revealing something to me. And yet I’ve already believed all this for years. Don’t fool yourself, I let you hurt me, because it was clear to me that you wanted to. I mistakenly thought that would mean something to you. At least you’re finally being honest with me, for once.

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