• Internet Best Friend, I Love You.

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    October, 2014.

    It’s been two years. Two years of communicating through only text on a screen; silly comments on a dorky social media site. But that changed on Tuesday, November 22, 2016. Your birthday.

    I was ecstatic, enthusiastically eager to finally hear your voice. To wish you a happy 14th. But then, I remembered the reason we decided to speak on the phone in the first place. Her.

    You were drowning in pain for the last month. How dare she leave you so heartbroken and confused…

    Thankfully, for you and me, the 3-year age gap has never been an issue. Distance has never been an issue. Loving you unconditionally, and being your best friend despite all the Hell we’ve been through together has never been difficult.

    So for someone to leave you because of your age…

    For someone to avoid you when they have the blessing of seeing you every day…

    For someone to make you feel horrible over something you cannot control…

    It hurts.

    You’ve shown be how amazing bonds can be, reguardless of the circumstances. You’ve helped me mature so much, and you continue to make me a better person. I’ll stay by your side as long as you want me here, I’d even give you my heart if you were to pick it up. And no, I don’t hand out empty promises.

    I love you, you’re my best friend, my little brother, my partner in crime…my internet best friend. And right now, I’m satisfied with that.

    But someday…


    Just maybe………

    I could have the pleasure of calling you “My husband”……………………

    XD Kidding. You know me, silly. And I’m very thankful that you do. She may have hurt you, but I know exactly how to fix you up. That’s what friends are for, Internet or IRL.

    – Ren
    I know he’ll never read this, but it was fun and it helped me a lot. Glad I stumbled upon this place. Thank you for your time.

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    1. T.
      November 28, 2016 at 7:53 am

      Wow, Ren is my nickname on internet, love the character Ren Hoek.. beautiful passage btw



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