• Dear boyfriend

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    I’m so sorry.
    I think I’m pushing you away slowly so the day it comes when you want to leave, it won’t hurt as much.
    I want to believe you’ll never leave but you’re too different than me. A lot of ppl say I’m too good for you.
    It’s not that you don’t make me happy, because you do.
    It’s just I feel like we are two completely different ppl, who share maybe 25% interests.
    I don’t want you to ever leave, I’m selfish about you like that, but I can’t convince myself that you’re staying either.
    I know I’m hard to love, I don’t make it easy & lord knows my family don’t make it any easier.
    Yes, you’re dating me, but I have a big family & whether I like it or not, they’re not going anywhere.
    I don’t feel so convinced about your sister, but the rest are okay.
    I’m sorry I feel like I need to make an argument about something once in a while & get you pissed off..
    But I gotta learn how to slow myself down.
    At this rate, id die of a broken heart if you did & we’ve not even been dating 2 yrs.
    I also feel like I fall second to your sister, which isn’t were I should fall, we should be in entirely different categories.
    I’m sorry that I love you so, & I don’t know how to let you go or be okay with it. I know it’s what’s best for us in the end, but I can’t handle the heart ache.

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