• To the evil person you are:

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    You yes you the evil person that has the title as family, everyone see what an evil, manipulating, toxic, narcissistic, controlling, selfish person that you are. Your friends come and go like that you never see that you are the problem. And you think blood is thicker than water but no all theses years I dealt with your abuse and shit because I was taught to treat family with respect and that is what I never got from you. I decided months ago that you are not my family anymore and that I am no longer a victim but a survivor. I am 100% cutting you out I get to choose who my family is and blood is not thicker than water, water can actually be stronger and better that blood. Everyone around you will see what an evil person you are and you will eventually have no one which is basically true now. Mostly everyone in our family hates you and are disgusted with you but they are fake to your face. I am done taking your shit, I am not a child anymore I am a grown adult and I get to choose who I want and involve in my life. Growing up as a child you where an adult and you never acted like one and I know that you have always been jealous of me and that you wished for bad things to happen to me. Just because you are not happy with your life does not mean you can make others have an unhappy life. I get to choose to be happy and live a drama-free life without you. To the people that are still manipulated by you I hope they open their eyes to see the truth. To those who want to remain neutral around you know this that your silence gives more power to the oppressor and with your silence you are condoning their actions in how they treat people. I really hope I never see or speak you ever again because I do not need you to poison my spirit any longer. I have been to gracious and forgiving for too long. I forgive you for all the shit and treatment caused by you but I get to choose to cut you out of my life, I am doing this for my happiness, my health, and my future. Oh I know that you go around talking shit about me and trying to play the victim but you yes you are the bully and all the bad things that have happened to you in your life are your fault you have dug your own hole and have fell into your own hole. I no longer have sympathy for you because during the most hardest time in my life so far you choose to tell me that it was nothing. You do not get to choose what is hard or not hard. Out of all the abuse I have received all of my life you were the worst because you play innocent as you have a good kind heart with own love to give which is all lies you are the most selfish person ever and let me tell you the world does not revolve around you and people were not created to serve you and be treated as objects/ trash by you. I choose to live a life of happiness and I am not the abuse that I have suffered from you, I will rise above and be the better person oh and I have always been the better person in this situation. Also sorry that I was blessed with the opportunity to be able to continue getting higher degrees and that is not reason to call someone spoiled because everything that I have today I have worked hard for nothing has ever been given to me, I have fought so hard. The friends you my life tell me I should be proud and that I am good enough person. I am telling you today that yes I am good person and I am not selfish for choosing me and my happiness then keeping you and letting you shit my life. There comes a point when nice people create boundaries and put their foot down and say enough. You have mistaken my kindness for weakness but my kindness is not a weakness but a strength. Goodbye to you I hope for forever, I have distanced myself from you and will continue and it will get better once I live in another state far away from you. I am done being played, controlled, manipulated, abused, and treated as I am the one with the problem. Just like Maya Angelou said, “But still, like dust, I’ll rise. Oh a thing called karma will get you so I have no worry since I know one day you will get all that you deserve and you will row what you sowed. Oh and leave me alone and stop posting shit online you makes you look bad and not classy. Oh and you are not better than everyone and you are not a special gift to the world but a mistake and curse to us all. Sorry, the truth had to come out I am never harsh but this is the truth, if people know who you are, they would agree with everything I wrote and I have been keeping this all inside for way too many years and I feel mentally and emotionally damaged because of you but I am moving forward on to better things and better people in my life that treat me with dignity as a human being. I am free to choose and I choose freedom and happiness. Oh I know what game you are playing and you do not love that person you are using them as a pawn and I hope that open their eyes to the truth but if not I know they have stopped thinking rationally because of old age. I am done. I deserve to choose and be free and have no obligation to you because of blood. I hope you don’t ruin my holidays so far the plan is not seeing or celebrating with you and I hope its the truth. I choose to be free and happy and free from your negativity. I choose who I want in my life and who I talk to and who I spend my time with I do not need your permission, I am not your child and never will be your child so get that out of your head. Also leave my other family alone and they are not objects to play in your game, you are so sick and selfish, I hope one day someone will treat you the same way you have treated everyone in your life your whole life since that is what you deserve. But I cant control did so I choose to be free and I choose my happiness over yours finally after all these years, I am making myself a priority because I matter and I realized my value.

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