• Life’s Abuse

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    Who let this happen?
    This shit world.
    These lives we’re stuck with.
    These hearts bleeding out.


    Is it all my fault?
    Is every heart break,
    Every failure,
    Is it me?

    How ’bout my friends?
    When their family starts falling apart,
    Or when they can’t seem break their addiction,
    Is that their fault?

    When she stabbed me?
    When she cheated me?
    When she left me?
    When she disappeared on me?

    Is that her?
    Is it me?
    These lives we live,
    Is pain my fate?

    I hate goodbyes,
    So much.
    I’ve tried to stop saying it.
    But now…

    I don’t know what keeps me here.
    I don’t know why I’m writing instead of moving on.
    Why I haven’t cut deep enough.
    I just don’t have a reason to stay…

    Everything is distant.
    Everything is scary.
    Everything hurts.
    Everything is falling apart.

    Nobody needs me here.
    And I’m tired.
    So I’m sorry.
    I’m just tired of life’s abuse.

    I’m sorry,
    But I’ve run out of reasons to stay,
    I’ve waited so long,
    I don’t know how to fight anymore.

    So I try to stay.
    But life will win.
    I want a reason to stay,
    But maybe this is goodbye.

    Just don’t cry ok…


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