• My goodbye letter

    by  • November 21, 2016 • * Safe for Work *, Addiction • 2 Comments

    Never did i think you’d stumble into my life as easily as you did. I met you when you when we were young, easy going and fun. You were great you really were. You opened me up to so much i didn’t know about the world, people, life, and of course myself. You exposed me a little too much. My family took me away from you. I knew they would that’s why i kept you a secret. No one had a clue. You taught me how to manipulate the world around me. I became the best actress. They tried to teach me how to live without you, how to be independent on my own. I thought i could. I believed them. I was wrong. Once i was an adult and they couldn’t pull us apart again you slowly eased your way back to me. You became my everything. My true love. My world. Me. You knew you had that grasp on me. That’s when you became controlling, everything had to revolve around you. I couldn’t do anything without you, you wouldn’t let me. always there always in my mind reminding me i’m nothing without you. You’ve always been me. You took everything. But i’m done. I’m done with you controlling me. You stole too many years of my life wasted on you holding me back. Took every penny of mine and i’m done. I’ve suffered this whole time now i can suffer through the worst part, the withdrawal. Yes. I did it. I want no part of you and you cant take any part of me anymore. My life is mine again and you wont get me back. This time there is no one stopping me its my decision and i wont let you come back. I wont trust your cunning charm and temporary happiness. All you are is the piece of my past that caused me to destroy myself. I’m done with you and this time it’s for good. My letter to my addiction….goodbye. for good.

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    2 Responses to My goodbye letter

    1. me
      November 23, 2016 at 2:30 pm

      the best actress…im sorry u took that choise…i prayed u werent in that way….perchè, tu eri speciale e unica per me. evidentemente non era così per entrambi


    2. me2
      November 23, 2016 at 9:26 pm

      Choices, mistakes – just one thing, one action, one moment to change the course forever. I’ve been with someone who could never see the real me and overlaid all my actions with bad intentions or even made them up. Those demons were in his own mind – nothing he thought about me was true. He thought I was an actress but I never lied, not once……. kunt khass wafarid ??min naweih wakan ladayna marratan wahidatan fi fursat aleimmir. kunt ‘aydaan khatiran.



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