• The cry of my heart

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    How do I explain this kind of pain I won’t forget where are you going where are you I miss you so much I don’t know what to do. Princess sweet princess who are you now. Do you not remember the times we shared before the mess. I’m sorry it’s turned out like this. We are both to blame let’s not play the blame game. Seriously if I could have a time machine….. I don’t know how to stop feeling for you. I don’t want to stop feeling for you I want to be together. I have a job now and I am moving out of home. Wish we could still see each other and I wish that we could embrace each other in boundless love. I am going to be lonely even more than I am,
    as my life shifts again and you are only further away than ever before. Cry of my heart,
    sigh of my heart.

    This pain in my heart is real and my spirit is tired the tears flowing and won’t stop every time I think of you my heart sinks because you are nowhere to be found. I love you and I miss you and I ask for your forgiveness and a real chance

    You were the sun in my life
    Without you life is not the same

    With love,
    your fallen prince

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