• Her Name Is Charity.

    by  • November 20, 2016 • The Ex • 1 Comment

    So, you married a white girl named Charity.

    Yes, I found your facebook. Did u find mine??? You’re friends w/ Terrance, Shervin & Henri….among others.

    I guess ur in love with her…or if u can even call that love. How long u been goin out w/ her?

    You only married her in 2014. We broke up in 2012.

    I’m curious abt wtf u did w/ the shit i gave u. All those photos, cards & other gifts.
    Did u burn it? Or did u toss it somewhere in a dumpster??

    You NEVER showed or posted any photos of us on ur profile. Cuz u were “too embarrassed to even do so”. & u wanted “to be the bigger person in front of ur friends”.

    What made u change? or if u have changed at all. idfk.

    You know her wedding dress was super generic. Of course it was a high laced neckline & sleeveless. Very wholesome. Really nothing special. No different frm all the other weddings i’ve seen that takes place around Middle America.

    Does she ride ur dick like i did? Or if u guys even have sex at all.
    Wonder if it’s just as Vanilla if not more as when we fucked. What’s the most adventurous place you’ve guys fucked? Was it in ur car, or an open HS AstroTurf field? Remember when we fucked in the park a bunch of times?

    What does she do with her life?? I know ur a pilot, but what does she do?? Do u support her lifestyle? cuz u sure as hell didn’t support mine. HOW THE FUCK DID WE STAY TOGETHER FOR SO LONG??

    I know u guys travel & shit. & been on the west coast a couple of times.

    Who the fuck knows.



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    One Response to Her Name Is Charity.

    1. Thatonegirl
      November 20, 2016 at 4:39 pm

      That’s what happens when the found the one. He got married. Ima need you to not sound like a lonely psycho. It’s pretty clear there’s all sorts of jealousy in this letter. Get over it. Bitches excessively hating on the next girl when they need to look in the mirror. He’s no longer interested in you. He got married lol. Bye Felicia. Save some face and improve yourself because the best revenge is being better than her. Not less and right now you sounding hella less.



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