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    by  • November 18, 2016 • Anger • 0 Comments

    Dear dumb bitch and retarded asshole

    Please dumb bitch, I would like you to fuck off a bit. I know we’re family members, but you’re seriously getting in my damn nerves. And as to you retarded asshole, eat your own shit cause that’s what you are. Actually, both of you should eat your own shit. I am tired and livid because of the way you think. You are selfish motherfuckers who only thinks of themselves. You shouldn’t be telling my what to do in life cause I am sure old enough to manage myself. I don’t even know why you’re trying to get deep into my life that you think you’re on a level where you could tell me what to do. You’re older, and I should respect you, but there’s no mutual respect between us. You both are invading my fucking personal space to the point you retarded asshole, might see me naked. Oh yea, I forgot that other fcken bitch who’s also involved in this shit. You saggy ass hag, I hope you trip down the stairs, go into a coma then somehow get cancer. This is the only way to express and relief my stress and anger from all your bullshit. I would sometimes imagine killing you three, which also relaxes my hate for you nasty people. I have finally calmed down, but I have done some damage, so I’ll just give the idgaf attitude for a couple of days. See you all in Hell.

    Fuck off,

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