• I’m a little bit judgey

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    I mean I talked to some real weirdos online on multiple occasions. I’ve known high school friends that got into the Furry culture…or guys that actively sought out reading material involving beastiality or other fictional scenes that I did not want to try to understand the why they found that thing enjoyable.

    In fact they scare me.

    One of our neighbors the other day showed me a tattoo picture on his phone of a childlike hentai girll on a vagina. I had my daughter there. It made me feel sick. I brought up a different tattoo artist that I instead enjoyed. The guy left briefly after that.

    Should I have vocalized my disgust in this situation? I mean… I still have filthy humor as a mom but considering the company I found that gesture to be worrisome of their character.

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    1. Yeah
      November 20, 2016 at 12:20 pm

      ALWAYS JUDGE – especially when you have children. Women always want to ‘give the benefit of the doubt’. Men never do this. In relationships I see them give shit and when it’s directed at them – they leave. They will rarely put up with the same shit they give. This man was testing you – he wanted to see what boundaries he could overstep. He showed you a vagina in front of your child. – It made you uncomfortable. TRUST that feeling. He showed you and your daughter NO RESPECT. Judge him harshly and stay away from him. He has no character and more you let him push your barriers – the more he will do. Men like him abound. No character, no morals and very basic and shallow animals. Always be aware when you feel uncomfortable – that is your warning sign, never ignore it.

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