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    You just aren’t wired for this place? God wouldn’t have created you if you weren’t. Nothing I can do if you have decided to end it all. I hope you’ve made peace with God by truly accepting Christ as savior. If you haven’t them you should consider it.

    I don’t agree with the choice of suicide, but again I don’t know your full story. I have thought about if you had made up your mind to do such a final thing what would I think. Here’s my thought:

    I won’t accept blame in part of your decision. I’m sure I’ve caused you some hurt, confusion and even anger, but I wouldn’t have been the reason you felt you had to end your life. Every relationship in life has hurt, confusion and anger.
    I wouldn’t feel bad that I didn’t do enough to make you want to live. When a person has hit a point in life where life is to overwhelming for them and it outweighs the will to live, then there is nothing anyone can do for them accept pray for them and hand it over to God. I do pray for you daily and have asked God for His will to be done. I know nothing o say can change your mind. I have been accepting that the possibility of you doing such a final thing is likely. So I won’t feel like I failed you. I will realize there wasn’t anything I could do. I would accept that you just got to overwhelmed.
    .I would love to see you fight for the will to live. I would love for you and I to be the best of friends living life to the fullest knowing we love each other more than any two people could love one another, but I now realize that it doesn’t matter what I want. This is about you and what you want and decide to do. I have to accept what choice you make.
    I love you very much and I wish you could see that its not as bad as your depression and hurt have made it seem. The enemy(Satan) has got a hold of you mentally and He’s winning. I can’t compete with that. I give it to God. I have kept my door open to you and will keep it open as long as your alive. I want you happy and I would love to see you stand up from this and fight back, but my wants don’t outweigh yours. I would heal from it and I would live on. It would hurt for a long time, maybe it would not ever stop hurting me. I don’t know. I’ve never had to accept a situation think that before. I do believe we were meant to meet. How I feel for you is undeniable. I love you. All of you and if that means accepting the choices you make then I will continue to love you. Your my girl and will always be my girl.
    If you decide to stop listening to the enemy (Satan) and you would like help standing up then I am here for you without judgment. I do understand more than you know.
    I ask you to do me one thing. I want you to realize how final ending life is and everyone in your life who would be affected by you ending it. I worry about your sister and how she would learn that ending life is a choice when life knocks you down. I don’t say that to guilt you into not taking your own life. I say it because she would be one of the most affected. She looks up to you and I saw that when we all hung out.
    I know when a persons hits a level that contemplating death to end the pain, guilt trips don’t work.
    I love you and miss you bunches.
    I back you 100% even when I don’t agree with it.


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    1. Wired
      November 17, 2016 at 8:15 am

      Of course I was wired for this world. To experience the things I do and form these thoughts, feelings, and attachments that I do is a pretty cool thing.



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