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    A friend in high school once, we only really hung out a few times. I actually arranged meeting her for the first time through MySpace or something like that. I dodnt want to move to a new town and be lonely so I did a little scouting beforehand.

    Anyway about her, she was so beautiful and charismatic. I felt a little out of my league intimidated. Her and her friends had a totally different social style than I was used to.

    She took me back to her home one night and I learned her mom was a transexual. He was there with his girlfriend. It was kind of a surreal experience for me, but I also wondered what thoughts she had growing up with such a very different type of family than you normally see. I remember her venting very passionately one night. She had a lot of mixed feelings, as I imagine anyone might as the child of a transgender parent.

    I did end up putting some distance up later but that was mostly because parts of her lifestyle made me nervous ( funny considering what I got into later).

    We’re still vague friends on facebook. I like seeing what she’s been up to. She’s much more active than I am, lots of surfing and now her and her long time boyfriend got an RV together that theyre fixing up for their roadtrips.

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