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    Dear “Soulmate”,

    They say that everyone has a soulmate. That somewhere in the world there is someone that is meant only for me or you, so I guess if you are my soulmate, then I am yours. Then is it wrong to assume we need to find each other? I’ll be honest with you, I don’t think you exist, I don’t believe that anyone in this world is my soulmate, it’s not an insult to you, I swear, it’s just that I find the idea impossible.

    a person ideally suited to another// Your other half// The person who completes you

    It’s also said that a soulmates connect in each and every way, in each and every level.

    I can’t see anyone being my soulmate. So I don’t think you exist. How can a person be ideally suited to me when there are so many different versions of me? So many different sides? How can I find my “other half” when I myself is not even half of myself? How can someone complete me when I am missing so many pieces?

    So, dear soulmate, if you do exist, where are you? For all I know, you might be half way around the world. Maybe you’re in Antarctica learning about the ice caps whereas I’m at home typing this letter, maybe you’re years older than me and already have a girlfriend. Or maybe the world made a mistake and you have a different soulmate, like you’re my soulmate but actually your soulmate is another girl. It seems like the world would do such a thing to me, to be honest, the world’s probably laughing at me.

    You probably don’t exist, and if you did, and if I believe that you and I are meant for each other, don’t look for me. I’m not worth looking for, if anything, it’ll just make you disappointed.

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    1. Your worth it!
      November 17, 2016 at 2:10 am

      I believe we are soulmates. For me nothing will ever change my views or feelings on why I believe this to be true. If I knew this was her unequivocally, I would find a way to see you eye to eye. If this is what she desires, my answer is yes I want this more than anything. Please don’t say your not worth looking for as you are! Never forget this. You have many sides to you & guess what? I’m sure they fell in love with you for exactly who you are. I certainly did. We all have flaws, we all have great aspects too. There’s only One who I say is my soulmate. Even after all that’s happened, I love her. From where I’m writing this, my love is from afar as she chose it to be this way. And so it now is.



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