• I was stupid to think you’d like me

    by  • November 14, 2016 • * Safe for Work *, Heartbreak • 0 Comments

    I adored you from afar
    You literally did not know I existed
    Then this one strange night
    We were both out for drinks, coincidentally
    We got introduced to each other
    And we talked and laughed and teased
    As if we were never strangers at the start
    We clicked!
    At least I thought we did

    We were instantly friends
    It was great…for a while
    Until I felt something twist in me
    And I tried to suppress my feelings for you
    But, sorry, I failed
    Your words suddenly gave me life
    Your presence suddenly inspired me

    Every night we’d talk
    About everything and also about nothing
    Until 12 am
    And none of our friends knew
    It was like our dirty little secret

    You made me feel special
    And the ‘what ifs’ were eating me up
    I had to tell you how I really felt
    So can you imagine the pain
    When the messages just suddenly stopped?

    I tried my best to start conversations
    I asked for us to start over
    You said alright


    But I guess, you were too busy
    Too busy to talk to me
    Cause you were out with your friends
    Or chatting up a previous crush
    Or laying in your bed because it’s vacation time

    Now I’m tired
    And I’ve accepted the fact
    That you will never see me
    As I see you
    That I’m only hurting myself
    When I think of you

    I miss you, I’ll confess
    I hope you miss me, too

    I think of you
    I hope you think of me, too

    No! I don’t need you
    I won’t waste any more time
    I won’t invest any more in you
    Because I was just another girl
    To you
    When you were my whole world

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