• I hear

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    Music faintly being played. I can’t find the source. Maybe it doesn’t want to be found, but does? Is it you? If it is, come knock on the door let’s drink coffee and talk a bit. If it is you then it would make me super happy eeeeeeeeeeee. I know its a long shot, but i’ve looked all over and can’t find the source. That makes me believe someone’s controlling it.

    If it is you, you are welcomed here. You’re welcomed anywhere I am. Just knock on the door. No questions will be asked. I just want to sip coffee and talk with my girl.

    Are you trying to communicate? 🙂

    Do I sound weird yet? I re-read this letter and laugh because of how it sounds, but I just don’t know the words that would make it sound any better. Lmao!

    Will you take my hand and we figure it out together? Please!

    I hope it’s you. Eeeeeeeeee

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