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    Bean 1,

    Happy, happy birthday.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! YOU ARE NINETEEN. YOU ARE NINETEEEEEN!!!!!! Even though 19’s peers (18 and 20) are way more recognised and famous, it is still a very special number. Because it’s the last time you’ll be a teen AND be a legal adult. That’s cool. You’re a woman but also a TEEEN.

    I used to think that by the age of 19 I’d have long spaghetti arms from shopping at the mall every day (like lizzie macquire and her fry-ends did) but no. I actually have quite short arms?? Your arms are really nice. tbh they’re your best feature and a quality I really admire in you. Your little fingers are ok, too.

    But seriously. I love you so SO much Bean 1 and I hope you have THE best day. Lots and lots and LOTS of love from Bean 2, your one tru poo <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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