• 3 years, and 3 days since D-day…

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    Dear C.A.N. I hope after this amount of time, you have been able to develop some shred of decency and honesty in your life. The more details that I have found out about you, the more revolted I am by your decision to be involved with the willful destruction of my family. I have suffered, and am still suffering health problems due to the sick and careless choice that you and he made to have unprotected sex. I hope you can sleep at night knowing that you chose yourself and your selfish desire to whore yourself out to someone who never even loved you and in fact used and was sickened by you. His treatment of woman( plural, not just you, who were not in the least special) is cruel and shows a deep level of hatred for them. Maybe that is why he targeted someone with such a nonexistent set of values, like you. He targeted many sad, selfish, desperate married woman, who, like yourself, had no problem putting themselves ahead of my, and their own family. It is good that you do not have a daughter. I shutter to think of the damage that a poor female psyche would have endured with you,(someone who has no respect for themselves and choose their own desires over even your poor children) as a role model. I am sure when this is eventually discussed with those you claim to love you will not disappoint and stick with the same excuse of, portraying yourself as the victim, as you do in all scenarios. If you are following your pattern, you should be involved in yet another affair. Good luck in your third marriage. Hope this great guy is treating you better than that others did, because we both no that you need very little excuse to put yourself ahead of others. How’s that honesty coming along these days? I will check soon.

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