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    You want to move in if I got my own place? I’m a neat person and love to cook.

    One thing you need to know before you make up your mind.
    I want you. I would crack your bedroom door late at night and watch you sleep. I may even get as brave as to slip under your sheets for warmth. Don’t mind me if I spread your legs and crawl on top of you to press my wet, aching body up against your silky skin to relieve the ache you cause my body. Would you mind if I kissed those voluptuous lips of yours? You know the sweet tasting ones that fit perfectly with mine. Shhhhhhhhh no one must know of our forbidden love. I would slip out of the room when you were off playing in dream world. Counting the minutes till I saw that gorgeous face again. Let it be over breakfast.

    Coffee would taste better drinking it next to you!

    Love Me

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