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    When I was 6 years old we use to go to asteoworld a lot. I was lucky one day at a game I had played one day. I think it was throwing rings around coke bottle necks. I had gotten two rings on one bottle. No one could believe a 6 year old girl actually made such a feat. I had a choice of two small stuffed animals or 1 huge stuffed animal. I picked the 1 huge stuffed animal and my mother wasn’t so happy we had to lug that thing around the park. Anyway This is my secret. Now don’t laugh. I’m only human.

    That night I was excited to get to have such a big stuffed animal to sleep with. The problem soon arose that the stuffed animal was quite big for my little twin sized bed. Mom had told me just to set him next to the bed because it was too big. I was a hard headed child. I wanted to cuddle with my big stuffed animal that I was so proud of winning. So I put him in the bed, covered him up and went and jumped in the bathtub like my mother told me to.
    I get out of the tub and I put on my night nights like a good little girl. Ran the brush through my hair 100 times like we were told to do every night. I brushed my teeth like a good little girl. Gave my mom a hug goodnight and went to to go to bed.
    I get in the bed and my sister was already asleep in her bed ( we shared a room 😉 ). I was trying hard to make enough room in the bed for me and my prized stuffed animal that was taller than I . I finally ended up laying the dog on his back and I climbed on top of him. I was literally in between his legs ( roflmfao). I was starting to fall asleep, but then it happened. I kissed the stuffed animal goodnight and felt a little funny 😉 ….. Did I forget to tell you I was a horny little brat? Anyway back to my story. I started humping my stuffed animal and kissing him. I remember taking down my PJ bottoms and my panties and went to town on that thing. I remember getting sore I rubbed so much. The next thing I know the bedroom door opens. I layed very still but I couldn’t control my brearhing (ROF) . Mom says ” Are you ok? I thought I heard you crying.” I was so scared I couldn’t respond. Then my mom walks over to the bed and says ” I thought I told you to keep him on the floor” as she pulls the covers back.

    There I am. Ass bare naked. Breathing hard. Face as red as it could be from the hard workout that had happened. Mom says ” OH MY STARS WHAT IS GOING ON? She literally spanked me while laying on this thing (Lol). She tells me to pull up my britches and that we will talk about it in the morning……

    This is a true story and I still get teased from the family about it. At easter time or Christmas when a child gets a stuffed animal they are told ” KEEP IT AWAY FROM YOUR AUNT E***** ” ROFLMFAO

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