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    We meet for the first time in a long time. We don’t say a word, our looks say enough. We wrap each other up in our arms tightly as if we’ve been starved of hugs for years. We don’t let go. Our bodies soaking up each other. We can feel the chemistry between us intensifying as time goes on. Still no words spoken, we just know everything’s ok. Our bodies naturally responding to our chemiaties re ignition . we start to breath faster. Our pulse rising. Heads getting light from the excessive blood flow. Bodies begin to trimble. Our bodies hungry to be closer. We look into each others eyes as if we were timid,shy kids, but our bodies reacting with bold passions ready to release to one another. Our heads move closer together. Our lips softly meet. Our skin heats with lusts beacon.
    I whisper in your ear ” I need to make love to you.” Your eyes roll back. You still havent said a word, but the look on your face says ” make love to me. I need you too.” Straddling each other you grab my ass and pull me closer as you moan at the touch of me on your naked body.

    To be continued

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