• Dear Old Best Friend

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    Dear Old Best Friend,

    Do you remember how we became best friends? It was the beginning of high school. We became so close in our friendship we called each other sisters, twin sisters to be exact. All of our thoughts we would think at the same time, it was almost like we could talk telepathically. Through the rough times we stood by each other’s side and didn’t just hug but taught each other how to get through situation in mature adult like manors. We even helped our faith in God grow stronger and stronger, attending church together, read the Bible together, and singing along to Christian music together. It didn’t matter what was happening in our lives we knew we could lean on one another. I miss those days, do you?

    Being your best friend was one of the greatest friendships I ever had. It was easy for me to make friends out of school, but in school was almost no hope. You was once friends with the people who hated me in school but you stepped out from them and became my friend. As our friendship grew stronger than any other friendship we had in school, people began to become jealous and make fun of us for calling each other sisters. Is that why you left our friendship, was you embarrassed? If I was such a burden on you with embarrassment I would’ve left and never of tried becoming friends to save you from embarrassment. We would explode sodas and burst through walls together and laugh about it all in the end. You was there for me during hard times at the beginning of my dating relationship. Us and my boyfriend became a best friend trio that so many people was jealous to have. Do you miss those days? Do you think about those days? I miss those days of laughter and special blonde moments that we laughed about for years after.

    We would give each other advice ranging anywhere from boys to life to faith. Even though sometimes we did not listen to one another’s advice we still gave our true honest advice, because we cared for the safety and mental health of each other. Our views on everything in the world was the exact same. Knowing that, it was difficult to argue about anything. We could trust one another with any secret and act like our true crazy selves around each other. We would act crazy even though we would get made fun of, but didn’t care cause it was a happy moment to always remember. Do you miss those days? I do. Was those days the reason you left our friendship? Was you leaving my fault? If so, I am truly sorry.

    When our friendship started to drift apart was right before we graduated high school. The only way I could talk to you was sometimes at school and sometimes when you would answer my text messages. We talked less and less. I tried texting you a lot but it began to get rarer and rarer that you would respond. I felt you drift and I was worried. After graduation I would text you and it would be days before you responded, days turned into weeks. I finally gave up on texting you because I felt that it was hopeless and you no longer wanted to talk to me. I found out that you was living at another location after I received horrific news that no one knew where you was living because they all thought you was living with me. I searched for you, but it didn’t seem to phase you that I was worried. Everything after that moment became a mystery. You said you was fine but really your emotions was screaming “Help!” I tried to get you to open up to me of what was wrong and you kept telling me you was fine over and over again. I know you wont okay and it hurts me to know that you would lie to me and not let me help you. I would text you after that and would either never get a response or that once or twice in a million chance you would answer me back would happen. I knew you no longer wanted me to be a part of your life and you was no longer that same person that I became best friends with. I felt like you had died and I grieved over you for months until I finally deleted your number and took down your pictures, because looking at those memories that would be just memories for only me to remember hurt and would keep me grieving over our friendship. What did I do? Do you miss me? Do you miss our friendship? What went wrong? What happened those months that you wouldn’t talk to me or all sudden act like I no longer was alive or existed? What happened to my best friend? I want my best friend back.

    This letter is my last step of grieving over you. I put this letter away as my final goodbye to our friendship. If you really wanted to talk to me and see me you would’ve. I can clearly see you don’t miss our friendship, and I guess I will just have to get over that. Goodbye Best Friend.

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