• A letter to people angry at me for telling everyone how much I hate Trump.

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    I’m sorry. I’m sorry I offended you. I’m sorry I questioned you. I’m sorry if you felt threatened by me. I’m sorry if you feel like I was impending on your freedom of speech. I’m sorry I cursed at you or even called you names. I’m sorry I disagreed with you publicly, in front or your friends and family. I’m sorry I embarrassed you. I’m sorry I made you question yourself. I’m sorry I outsmarted you. I’m even sorry I sassed back at your mothers, who came to protect you from my awful behavior these past few months. I’m sorry.

    But I’m also completely kidding.

    I’m actually not sorry at all. I apologize a lot, along with a lot of women in this world. I apologize for things I have nothing to do with sometimes. But I am fully aware of the attitude, aggressiveness, and annoyance I have put on a lot of people during this political campaign… and I am NOT sorry.

    Let me tell you a story. Of a girl who didn’t make a big deal out of the “little things” guys say, the jokes made, and the moves pulled. I was the girl that was just one of the guys. I was the girl who laughed at the jokes. Even egged them on at times.

    Until it wasn’t funny anymore.

    It’s not funny once you’ve been raped in the back room at a party by someone you know. It’s not funny once you realize how many friends knew you were in that room, with him, and didn’t stop it. It’s not funny when you feel it was your fault for years because you were drunk and weren’t able to say no. It’s not funny that you don’t take your own pain seriously until ANOTHER women comes to you for help because she experienced something similar and is in the same pain you’ve felt for years but couldn’t understand. It’s not funny when you never actually realize it was sexual assault until you finally crash and burn in a bon fire of anger that you’ve never felt before. And even when you finally realize your pain, and the pain of others around you… it will still never be funny. Because healing from a mental wound doesn’t happen, you just learn to coup with it.

    Donald Trump is the poster child for rape culture. And I can not express in words the helplessness I feel knowing he is a possibility for this country. My heart can no longer handle the jokes, language, and actions from this man. And I’ve been silent for a very long time about my anger, and helplessness, and sadness, and everything else for so damn long. So now. I’m not being silent.

    We are told not to make it a big deal. We are told it is our fault. We are told that the jokes are funny and to just laugh. We are told and told and told and told by society what the rules are and I’m done being told what to do.


    Rape culture is real. Rape is not the victims fault. And Donald Trump is a fucking piece of shit.

    And I will tell everyone. I will tell everyone that posts a stupid meme. I will tell everyone that shares a stupid article. I will tell every trump supporter from now until November fucking 8th just how much of a piece of shit they are.

    I will condemn every Christian that praises a loving God and preaches about the good but is voting for a man like Trump.

    I will condemn every republican for sticking by him because your damn gun views are more important than his repulsiveness.

    I will condemn every moron redneck that swears by being a southern gentlemen and then makes memes about a man getting away with sexual assault because he is a star.

    I will condemn every Trump supporter for not condemning Trump.

    I hate you all. I hate you, and I will not be silent about it. I hate you and your wrong and I will tell you that you’re wrong. I will correct your ignorance and lies. I will continue to spread and promote the truth.

    When you fight back about Her emails, I will continue to send you links to the case in which she was found guilty AND articles of past men deleting thousands of emails as well. I will link you the proof of other political figures using private servers and doing a lot worse at that. Including trump.

    When you fight back saying she killed military in the Benghazi case I will continue to send you links to actual evidence that made her not guilty to the case. I will link you to other cases in which OTHER MEN (again) had the SAME occurrences under their watch and no one was brought upon charges. Because when soldiers die under a man, they were the cost of war. But when under a woman, she just must have failed.

    When you fight back because she doesn’t support the coal industry, I will tell you the coal industry is dying anyway because our earth is dying and we need to find other sources of energy.

    When you fight back saying climate change is not real… first I will personally find your location and slap you in the fucking face… then I will continue to make you look horribly stupid as I give evidence after evidence proving you wrong.

    When you fight back about your guns, I will continue to tell you that NO ONE is trying to take them away. I will copy links to Clintons website on her gun law REFORM. Because then 2nd amendment was written when one shot was fired every 8 seconds and now 8 people can be killed in eight seconds. I will share the video of the 8 year old boy who was shot on the playground by a 14 year old boy. That 8 year old boy had a super hero funeral. I’ll show you the funeral link too, where his mother had to be carried to her son because she was so distraught.

    And if you fight back about other things, will look them up and I will EDUCATE MYSELF on the manner. I will look into every detail of your rebuttal and I will form a dramatic argument against you. Because in the end, there is NO WAY that Trump will ever come out on top.

    So be angry with me for being outspoken. I don’t care. Because at this point, I don’t care if I change your mind or win your vote away from Trump, because I know that is helpless. My only goal is to prove you wrong.

    All my anger has been locked inside for so long and trump has released it. I can’t explain the way my heart hurts; I cry at the thought of someone like him representing me. And I know that’s a personal problem because in my mind, Trump symbolizes my assaulter. Trump is him. Trump is every cruel man. And in my logical mind I know that’s not true. I know he is not the boy who raped me. But in my hurt, spinning brain… Trump is my nightmares. Trump is the reason I have to take sleeping medication. Trump is the reason I doodle in class when the topic of male superiority or any kind of power struggle comes up, because I’ve felt powerless for years and I can’t take it anymore.

    If that makes me a bitch, so be it.

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    1. "Dad"
      November 4, 2016 at 5:44 am

      I don’t hate you, I pity your ignorance and feel sorry for you. I don’t have to pass along links to prove Hillary is a corrupt politician who has enriched herself through influence peddling and a completely corrupt charity. You already know these things are true, everyone does cupcake. Hillary and Bill Clinton are, without a doubt, the most investigated married couple in American political history. Why? Oh, it’s a vast right wing conspiracy, the game is rigged, the FBI was bored and needed to investigate someone. Really?
      He’s a philandering accused rapist and she is an enabler for the sake of wealth and power. They have blood on their hands and not just the blood of our embassy staff in Libya. There are a few bodies in the Clinton’s past and you can make excuses all day long that they had nothing to do with it but that don’t make them any less dead. Committing suicide in a park with a hunting rifle?????? Really dumpling???? Are you that over the top in love with that human waste known as the Clintons??????

      I would never refer to a women as a bitch, it is impolite and crass.
      I, however, cannot help but point out to you that the only thing that renders you powerless is your own insecurity. You have become hypnotized by the chanting of being ruled by the “privileged” white man and you will never amount to anything if a Conservative is in office. I am not saying, we as a species, don’t have a long way to go in understanding each others uniqueness but this is a two way street. It is incumbent on all of us to TRY and understand each other. It cannot be one group demanding a million changes while hurling rocks from the bushes. The Dems. have had the highest office for 8 years and are we in a better place? I did not vote for Mr. Obama but was also turned off by the Republican candidates in both races. I remember the morning after the first historic election of an African American man to the highest office in the world, I was not mad or upset. I work in Newark NJ, a city that is overwhelmingly African-American and has been drastically under-served by it’s elected officials for decades. I actually had that “HOPE” for “CHANGE” and vowed to give this young guy a chance. Great orator, charming personality, and seemingly aware of the inner-cities plights being from Chicago. 8 years later, a thousand young black men laid to rest, cities worse than before, a nation divided.
      No, I’m sorry, I cannot take anymore of the Dems. agenda and her inner evil scares the hell out of me.
      Vote who you want darling but instead of doodling in class, put on your big girl pants and take control of your destiny. Stop whining. Goddamn you kids are a bunch of wet nose cry baby’s tweeting and face booking and texting and apping your stinking lives away. Get off your ass and stop being spoon fed this BS, go form your own opinion. Stop parroting some professors viewpoint, this meathead has never worked a day in his life and has no conception of what a hardhat or a farmer or a cop or a sanitation worker or any other job holder goes through. The biggest Dem. backer is the NEA, check it out and do the math little girl. Be your own goddamn person please. If you were my daughter I’d say the same damn thing. Put down the phone and open up your eyes and mind.

    2. @ author
      November 4, 2016 at 7:44 pm

      Hilary says a baby doesn’t have constitutional rights until it takes its first breath. Hilary says you should be able to abort a baby at 32 weeks of the pregnancy. That’s 3 weeks before the do date of a full term fetus.

      I won’t vote for such a heartless woman. She’s been in office for decades and I Havent seen any good come out of her decisions thus far. Why would we want a woman like that as president if she can’t make significant growth for our country in decades of her political contributions to our government.

      I would rather have someone who has had no experience with government contributions vs someone who had their hand in it for decades and has gotten us no where but debt, and ununited.

      The only fault Trump has is diarrhea of the mouth. He has no filter. Maybe we need a little bit of that anyway. I know he would get this country out of debt. He’s a financial genius.

      Trump says it the way a lot of people think it! We just aren’t use to it……

      Hilary would allow babies to be murdered left and right and make it legal to do so. If you ask me God should have the say so if a fetus lives or dies. God created the fetus why shouldn’t He have the say so on its life length.

      Same goes for suicide. God should have the control of how long a person lives. No one should take life. Its Gods gift and to take the gift away is like telling God no thanks. God gives us life and He takes us home when He’s ready for us. The Baby someone aborts had no choice in the matter. That baby gets robbed of its gift from God. I bet God doesn’t take taking life lightly.

      Therefore I won’t vote Hilary and will vote for the inexperienced man that spews diarrhea when he talks.

      So what Trumps not a polished politician. I think this country can use a little of that anyway. The polished politicians have seemed to have gotten us screwed so far.

      Trump Supporter

    3. ...
      November 6, 2016 at 12:26 am

      I completely agree. You don’t need to apologize for stating a fact.

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