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    24.5 Years ago I made several bad decisions.
    Even thou we never actually dated or even spoke about our feelings, I felt, and I could see in your face, you felt, Love.
    I was scared, you were scared, I ran, you know the story from back then.
    Even thou I have only seen you a few times over the years, I have thought about you and missed you. Then life kicks in and I have to push it away and live.

    About 5 months ago I started thinking about you again like I always do, but this time it is not stopping and its really intense. I feel like it all just happened, but this time I am unable to control my feelings like I did 24 years ago.

    I am feeling intense love, intense loss, and I even reached out to you because I am unable to contain myself, It was weird. I feel like I am losing my mind. I know even if our paths crossed again, it would take quite a feat to get back to where we were and we will never get the 24 years back. I do not understand why I am unable to control my brain and my heart. It really is crazy. Maybe it is a midlife crisis situation, I don’t know.

    I think I am losing my mind.


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