• What hurts…

    by  • October 29, 2016 • Lost Love • 2 Comments

    …is that I’ve given up on you…

    Not in my heart,
    but in my head.

    What hurts,
    is how easy you made it,
    for me to give up on you.

    What hurts,
    is how we never gave it a shot.

    What hurts,
    is the pain in my chest,
    when I lay in fetal position on my bed,
    and the lonliness and lack of you in my life,
    just overwhelms me,
    and I can’t hold back the tears,
    the indignity of my self-pity.

    I miss you so fucking much,
    the outer layer of my heart is numb,
    cold, frozen, calcified.
    Not my physical heart, obviously…

    My arms are still open,
    but you have got to reach out.
    If you ever check this site,
    (fuck knows, needle in a haystack),
    then you’ll know that this is me.

    I really am at a loss here,
    I still cry over you…
    I got a job now, not such a lazy bum after all ay…
    Miss you so much girl…
    I bet you still haven’t aged a day,
    you gorgeous, beautiful woman.
    Summer is coming,
    and I so damn want to spend time with you,
    put the past behind us,
    fall asleep in a hammock under the shade together,
    on a sunny day at the beach…

    i Dream of you always.

    With love,
    your fallen prince


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