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    I do not want my husband to feel inadequate or emasculated by saying I want to experience a little bit of S&M culture.
    Though in our brief talks he gave the impression of not seeming to mind if it was something that was talked about or agreed upon in advance. I speak privately with my friend who thinks it could be a very liberating experience if we are able to communicate fairly.

    But my thoughts fret. Speaking of a subject like that vaguely and asking permission to participate are two separate things. Would the act of asking cause him to have a sullied image of me? Would he also want something for himself. I think..I could ask him to participate in a threesome with a woman but would that be enough?

    I do not want him to falter to ever doubt my love and respect for him or our family . I do not want him to seek the comforts I provide elsewhere because I somehow made him feel like he wasn’t enough because I wanted to go experience a particular dynamic I know hes not comfortable taking with me and to be honest I’m glad , but is still wanting it a fault in me for not being wholly content or could it really be something that provide beneficial qualities to our current bond.

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    1. @author
      October 29, 2016 at 7:23 pm

      Its good to try new things. Nothing wrong with wanting to get freaky with the hubby. If he does get insecure about it then just tell him you were just wanting to experience something new and different with him. I’m sure he would be flattered you thought of him when it came down to it! 😉 ….

      Best wishes,
      Keep us posted. We are nosey. Lmao

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