• Tracking the Development of Human Connectivity

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    You could use a site similar to this where people can post anonymous to each other but the entries are being recorded. The data could be analyzed by time of entry , correlation to other posts based on word triggers and coincidental parallels and communication parralels. I think over time you would find that everyone participating was tapping into each other a little bit… but man, thatd be an overwhelming amount of information to track. I’ve been curious what fruits that could yield.
    Samples would need to include a variance between people who know each other and those who do not and also the conversational track of all parties would need mapped.

    Visually I think if you watch people in close spaces.. like restaurant work, line people in particular, sometimes you’ll find some of the people to act in an anticipatory fashion.
    Person A , Section C needs to perform task 6 immediately but is still on task 4. Without prior knowledge or prompting Person B , Section A pings and goes to complete task 6.

    I have a hard time deciding if thats based on person connectivity or muslce memory in relation to task.

    Person A has clocked 50 hrs for Station C, person B has clocked double that and kore because theyve been there longer and have a better sense at what time each task needs to be completed.

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