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    I really

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    Do miss you bunches. I think about you all the time. I worry about you so much. I’ve read letters on this site about a person wanting to end their life. I don’t know if thats you or not writing those letters. I’ve done some thinking on the issue and what it would mean if

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    There are some things about us that give me pause. They’re an arm’s length away in every conversation. Commonality where acknowledged. Transparency when I’m not quietly omitting responses that suggest a sexual interest. All I could do was think loudly about how I wanted to sit next to you too and moisten lips in your

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    I can’t figure it out, I am at a total loss. I now KNOW what we felt, but I do not know why it never happened. I am figuring out that you did not want it to happen. But I don’t understand why, and you won’t speak about it. I can handle anything you say,

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