• Young Love

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    Dear you,

    We’ve had our talks, and many are yet to be had. I’ve been thinking a lot. April will come soon and that’s when your first year in college ends. We’ve been over a year strong and have had our ups and downs. I think we both know what comes in April other than the obvious. You’ll move back home and even though you’re only a walk away I’ll rarely see you. I’m not good enough for your family and we both know it. Even if I am good enough for you, it’s not enough. Sometimes love just isn’t enough. After you move back home I figure you’ll be living there for the rest of your schooling years. Realistically we won’t be staying together. Your family dislikes me, you have to focus on school and that has always come first. Earlier on I knew it wouldn’t work out. I’m struggling right now with the option of ending it now or waiting for when it naturally comes. You’d never expect it now. Things are so great right now and I wish it would never end. I love you so much.

    From me.

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