• Finality

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    As I sit in my room, on my bed in this hot sunday afternoon with a bit of breeze blowing through the curtains of my window, I wonder if this is really my destiny to be like this. To love someone who doesn’t love me back. To love someone who doesn’t want me even in their life to an extent that they would pray for God to remove me from their life. Is it just my lot. Isn’t there another way for me. Isn’t there another path for me I could take to ease my misery and pain. As I try to find love I find myself having to struggle . The glance of hope goes hand in hand with its doom cause as soon as I think I have found hope it comes crashing down around me. Maybe I am too hopeful where I shouldn’t be. I feel its time to be thankful for all those prayers against me. God does indeed answer. Praise be to Him for He hears the pleas of all His children. I am not mocking. I am just accepting of the situation in my life and the finality of it all. I wonder what the future holds for me. If I have a future at all. Ill never know cause I cant see beyond now. Maybe one day Ill come back on here and look at all the nonsense I wrote and think how stupid I have been to have dwelled so much in my pain. Maybe there is no tomorrow for me. I don’t know anymore. It’s time for me to let go now.

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    1. Anonymous
      October 28, 2016 at 6:54 pm

      Embody the love you wish to receive. Be pure. If you are female, don’t wish for love in lust. Cover your body. Find your friends. See the ones who care what you portray vs who you really are. If you are male, laugh at yourself. Don’t take yourself so seriously, except where it matters. And you will find the one who respects and accepts that. Sometimes real love and understanding take time, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, and a whole lot of fun! Let go of fear and find the fun! THAT is happiness, and that is where real connections are found…through laughter.

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