• The cruelest words.

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    Mr O:

    I think I’m beginning to know you more, even though you seem to resist it. I simply want to know you more – everything about you, if that’s even possible. You intrigue me to no end.

    Because I like you so darn much; I can’t seem to forget you, I can’t stop thinking about you. Every waking moment, the first thing in the morning, the last thing before I doze off. Your amazing smile, your gorgeous eyes, everything about you really.

    Which is why the words ‘haha’ are the cruelest words in the dictionary to me these days. Why and how, one may ask. Because, now as I’m getting to know you more, I realise that whenever you type ‘haha’ in our coversation chat that pretty much signals that we have come to the end of our conversation. Yes, because you have decided that there is nothing else you wish to say to me anymore, hence it’s just easier to end off with a ‘haha’. Instant conversation killer. In no uncertain terms, these words mean ‘goodbye’.

    And as much as I enjoy making you laugh with what I hope are witty anecdotes, I always dread seeing this from you: a typed out ‘haha’. Because, who knows when I will next have an excuse to speak to you again?

    And that’s what makes it so, so painful.


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