• spooning

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    You’re laying on your side. I’m laying up against you. My breasts up against your back. My knee’s bent when your knees bend. Our bodies heat each others naked bodies. I move my lips up against your shoulder. I start kissing ever so lightly. My hips start to move back and fourth as my bodies ache starts to rise. You start moving your hips as you moan. I take my leg and spread your legs apart so I can press my body on onto yours. I’m now kissing your neck and shoulders harder. You grab the sheets as your now on your stomach. I grab your hair and pull your head back. Your eyes are closed. I whisper in your ear ” I need you ******. Say my name.” You say my name as your breathing gets hard and deep. A tear rolls down your check as you say ” I feel you ******.” I’m thrusting hard against your sexy body. I need to feel you inside. I take my hand and trust deep inside you as far as I can as fast as I can. Sweat from my body drips onto your back. Our bodies as one. I feel your body tighten against my fingers. My body releases on your silky skin. Both of us moaning with intense passion. Our kiss is fierce.

    We lay in silence caressing each other. No words needed, we realise where we had just been.

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