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    You are thinking that reconciling with me is bad for you and you are thinking its best to even stop writing to me, if in fact you are writing to me. I say do for you what you think is best for you. I would love to reconcile with you, but only if you truly wanted to.
    I can admit when you cut contact with me it hurt like hell. You took a part of me with you. I have been on a year of learning to live without you in my life. Not because that’s what I wanted, but because you made me have to do it.
    I have held on to hopes of reconciliation with you. It has never left. I see letters on here about how a person is playing with people that love them only to see them hurt. If that was you that wrote that letter let me make one thing clear. I have hung on to hopes of reconciliation because I really liked, even love you as a person. I love who I was when with you. I loved how you and I just fit. I was able to be my real self with you. We could talk about anything and not flinch at a weird topic.

    I will also like to make clear that I am no side show freak and won’t be played with. I can move on. As a matter of fact I never stopped moving forward a little bit at a time. I just held on to hope as I moved. If you want me to throw hope down I can and will do it. I’m no stranger to change. My life has always been about accepting change. Our situation is no different. One of the toughest I will admit, but that’s only because I genuinely love you and you are an awesome person who made me want to be a better person. Who wouldn’t have trouble letting go of that? Hu?

    My arms will always be open to you. Even if you decide not to be embraced by them. I will never leave you. Ever,ever, ever. I can’t help it if you decide to leave me. The only choice I would have would be to move forward. Its been a year, the hard part is over. If you tell me to let go of hope, it would hurt a bit,but I would understand you felt that was best for you and your life.

    I love you more than you know. I wish you knew

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    1. I wish
      October 23, 2016 at 3:40 pm

      I wish I could love like you and have my heart let go as what seems rather easily.
      Very single day it still hurt
      Every morning I wake up and every night I go to bed I think of him
      …my mind speaks similar to the words you wrote,
      my heart screams asking who am I fooling

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