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    Scared of taking the leap. The reason I don’t leap is out of respect for the decision you made to cut contact.
    Who would forcefully make contact with someone who cut contact? Why would I put on my wonder woman cape, head to where you are and knock on the door to confess my undying love to you when you cut contact. I don’t know the reason you cut contact. It could have been because you just don’t want anymore to do with me. For all I know your partner asked you to do it. Your family could have asked you to cut contact. Etc, etc,etc.

    Why would I put myself in that position? Why would I put you who I love dearly in that position? Why would I put you in a position to have to turn me away or ignore me? Trust me I can handle those things, but I refuse to put you in a situation to have to do that.

    I’m not scared of failure. Never have been. Failure doesn’t stop me. I just stand up dust off and move forward.

    If you were to open the door of contact that you shut ( I would have to know it was you) then I would do what I needed to do to show you how much I love you.

    You’re a very, very ,very smart woman. I’m sure I didn’t even really have to explain why I don’t come to your doorstep confessing my desire.

    You say prove that I love you? I have by honoring your decision of no contact.
    I have by not putting you in a position to have to turn me away or ignore me.
    I have by writing to you my feelings even when the door is shut.
    I have by never letting you go.


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