• part 2 lesb. fantasy ( mature eyes only) Lol

    by  • October 19, 2016 • To You • 0 Comments

    Your undoingy belt as I lift your dress. You undoy button and pull my jeans down. Neither one of us wearing panties. My jeans fall to my ankles as you wrap your leg around my ass to pull me in closer to you. I grab that sexy ass to pull you into me. I straddle your free leg. ” your sooo wet and warm. My body aching hard for your touch. Both of us breathing heavy. We can’t help but moan in reaction to passions overtaking. Our bodies flush with heat. Thrusting in desperation to get closer. Our kiss so deep and hard. I whisper in your ear ” (your name) I need you” you whisper back ” oh (my name) I need you” I start kissing your breast as I slip my fingers deep and hard inside of you. You slip deep inside of me. Both of us thrusting hard. We have now become one.

    To be continued!

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