• lesbian fantasy (mature audience)

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    Well hello gorgeous.

    I get home from a long days work. I have been thinking about you at work all day and couldn’t wait till I got home to you.

    I open the door and hear the water in the kitchen sink running. I make my way to the kitchen. I see you standing at the sink. You have music playing. You haven’t noticed me yet. I stand silently watching you sway to the beat. Man you are one gorgeous woman. I walk up behind you and put my hands on your hips. You turn your head to kiss me and say ” hello beautiful how was work?” I tell you it was a good day, but now that I’m with you my day just got great. I ask you what your fixing and you said your experimenting a new recipe and that you were gonna make it a surprise. I start to sway with your body to the music. My body up close to yours. I start smelling your neck (one of my favorite things to do to you. You always smell good?) Your eyes close as my lips press against your skin. You tell me “if you keep that up I won’t get dinner done!” You have a grin on your face. I pull your head back by your hair and whisper “now we can’t have that can we?” You drop the head of lettuce you were washing into the sink and your eyes roll back. You turn to me and say ” oh yes we can, as you throw your arms around my neck. I back you up to the wall as your

    To be continued!

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