• Moving on

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    So i finally decided to pour out my heart today, i hope you read this.

    BESTFRIEND; That is the title i thought made sense between us, i remembered when we first met and how we got close and i remember sitting you down and telling you all about the guy i liked. Those moment i truly regret. i regret meeting you. i regret thinking you were not like every other friend i knew.
    Moreso, i remember when you told me “you do not know the importance of what you have till you lose it”. i thought that was just a quote or something. But what? you went ahead and did stuff with the guy i liked. i sincerely feel so betrayed and so hurt right now. i told you it didn’t matter but i promise you that if karma doesn’t step in, i might just do something stupid.
    i don’t like him again though, so yes, you can have him. But then are you really a friend? You can as well eat my vomit.

    THE GUY; This is expected from you, considering how you are. I blame myself for wanting to know so much about your life, i wouldn’t have gotten this deep with you. We probably wouldn’t have even been friends. i don’t know what you are trying to do but please do get your act together. You are not so good looking for my best friend to betray me for.
    Funny part is our friendship is just on and off. C’mon, i’m tired of being fake friends with you when all that is on my mind is how to bring you down totally. For the remaining years we would be in this institution together, i hope i never bump into you or talk to you again till the last day so you see how much i’ve grown.

    So the reason i’m writing this is because i want to put all these behind me and pretend all of this never happened. We cant go back in time to change any of these anyway. but then you just had to know how i felt. I’ll probably tell you the link to this on convocation day. This should be 2018. I hope you see this before then though.

    YOU JUST HAD TO KNOW HOW MUCH YOU HURT ME. Thanks for being part of my lesson. i would most definitely not forget you. I hope the next time i see you, i would have grown so much.

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