• shout out 2 all my friends

    by  • October 17, 2016 • To You • 0 Comments

    literally every single one of u esp in this v crucial and self-reflective past year of my life

    c for being the most emotionally healthy and mature and understanding and supportive human on this planet. like a) thank u for being a positive role model in my life i actually look up to and admire u so so so much and i don’t think i would have been able to come this far emotionally/mentally if it wasn’t 4 u and i don’t think you even have any clue how much your presence has impacted my life before i actually reached out

    jc i know we’ve always been angsty together and idk i never used to really open up to u but once i opened up to one person the fucking feelings floodgates are open and i know you don’t really do feelings either but i’m actually really glad that we talked and now idk i’m glad i have u to relate to and share feelings and work through shit with me

    jf we honestly weren’t even that kind of friends. u were always awesome to hang out with but i feel like we never got really deep and like thanks for being there for me to listen and validate and idk it means a lot

    jc/s (wow i gotta lotta js in my life and i’m lumping u 2 2gether bc theres some stuff that overlaps) but first jc thanks for being unbiased and mature and really really comforting and validating and knowing the situation and s thanks for understanding thati wanted to fill u in but also be brief just so i could let u kno i have been upset and @ both of u thanks for being there for me even tho i know i’ve disappeared and fallen off the face of the earth and haven’t been as in touch and present with you guys like thanks for being there as if i never left and i am actively trying to give you higher priority because i love the shit out of you like i really do and i miss being as close as we were and i’m sorry i drifted a bit

    jv thanks for always being so fucking relatable like if there is anyone i can share an embarassing story or drunk mistake or something that really upsets me or actual concerning feelings with like i know you understand and i guess it sucks bc you’re also experiencing these shitty feelings with me but at the same time yea it’s nice having friends to talk to and who can give other outside kinds of support and say ‘yes the way u feel is understandable’ but something about “yes i know what that’s like here’s what i did” or “ya same i felt that way when this extremely similar thing happened” or just feeling the exact same way and knowing that it’s normal bc it’s not just me and watching a movie and eating ice cream to relax and distract (because i can only drink so much fucking chamomile tea) ugh i love u

    i love u all so much and thank u so so so much for being in my life and being here for me and being u

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