• Desperate housewife

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    I’m a housewife. As much as I hate it, I would even go so far as to call myself desperate. I’m blessed. I know I am. You work so hard to provide for our family. People look at us and think we’re perfect. High school sweethearts who got married and are living the American dream. We have the big house in suburbia, the new cars, tree lined street living in a cul-de-sac, and the dog and the cat. I know you provided all those things because you love me, you love our children. So why do I feel so desperate? Maybe it’s because whenever I try to touch you, you shoot me down. I go to bed every night stressed out, trying to figure out if it’s ok for me to reveal my sexual needs to you. Why do you turn me down? I’ve kept myself in shape. I don’t nag. You never have to lift a finger when your home because I make sure the house is spotless and dinner is on the table. When you are ready to be physical, I better be ready to drop my panties. When it’s the other way around, you look at me like I’m crazy. Do you know how humiliating it is to be turned down constantly by your spouse? Each and every time you deny me, a little piece breaks off of me. My confidence breaks down a little more each time. Don’t you know I would do anything to please you? So why is it only on your terms? I know you’re tired because you work a lot. I’m tired too. I have our children to raise all day. But I still need you. I still desire you. After 10 years, I still have an insatiable urge to want to be with you. I just wish you felt the same about me….

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