• It takes years to buid the trust and seconds to shatter it

    by  • October 15, 2016 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    Seriously this was the last straw on camels back . u don’t do this to one u call love of ur life and best friend. It sucks.
    U get engaged n I get news from other person . two months ago u were proposing an affair with me .. I said no but let u im agaim s closest friend. Spoke to u couple of days ago. Believe it or not I have a connection with u other day I had flashes of ur image with some girl n u looked happy. I asked u if u had something to share. U said nothing n get engaged?

    Its not u getting engaged that hurts me. U played me. U were with another when u made me think of risking all I had . I feel guilty for even considering to or allowing me to let u get to me. So so payed . u do it again n again n I let u fool me all over again.

    This is backstabbing. Didn’t expect from u. U don’t deserve to be called a friend , friends don’t do this. Respect for another fuck who am I telling it to. U will never change , I will always get hurt. it is over I shall forget I ever knew u.

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