• Why

    by  • October 12, 2016 • Confusion • 0 Comments

    In an instant you had me hooked and you knew it. You couldn’t wait to add me to the list. Little did I know. I couldn’t resist. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t. The touch of your hand on my waist sent fire through me. We didn’t even have to talk. We just knew. But I wrote you off as a fuc boy. I blew you off for someone I thought was better. I screwed up. Blew my chances. You kept playing though. Made me think I could be lucky enough to be close to you. You kept trying even after I moved on. Then you came right back. Torn down all my walls. I sacrificed everything I am for you. Your personality that everyone else ignores shines like gold to me. The weird quirks you have, I love. I came clean and told you everything, yet you didn’t care. I was just a toy. I know this and still want you more than anything. Now every time I see you and look into those eyes I feel the sting. The sting that you have complete power over me and I can’t escape. It kills me everyday to think about you. Yet, those are my favorite moments. I secretly can’t stop. When I shut you down for the final time you moved on to some other chick. She didn’t realize how lucky she was to have your attention. She was able to ignore you like it was nothing. Oh how I wish that was me. Now you’re acting like I don’t even exist, like you’re mad. Yet I still see you looking my way when you think I’m not paying attention. WHY? I left everything out there. You’re the one faking it. Then you go and tell everyone about that night like you have some claim to me. Nigga please. I’m tired of these games. Somehow I still love them. I wouldn’t know what to do without them. I hate that I’m like this. Why? Why you? Why still play? Why not leave me go? Why do I want this so bad?

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