• to the one who got away

    by  • October 12, 2016 • * Safe for Work *, Moving On • 0 Comments

    and just like that. you dropped me.
    the ease of being able to say goodbye, the ease of being able to make me feel like i wasn’t worth the time
    no explanation of why you couldnt try for me
    but i realized something after you left me leaving me in tears
    the hurt goes away, the pain fades eventually.
    i slowly got my smile back, became more myself everyday.
    i slowly started to keep you out of my mind, focus on bigger and more important things
    of course i still get memories and flashbacks.
    but not as often, and they don’t burn anymore.
    i wont deny the time spent with you was amazing and worth every bit.
    but my pain wasnt, so i left the pain behind.
    i realized that i’m young, i have time
    i found people who brought me back up and helped me forget that i was in pain.
    i don’t hurt anymore, i forgive you.
    the closure i never got is going into this letter because i know i’ll never get it from you.
    but i forgive you, and i’ve moved on
    to the one who got away… i’m finally letting go

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