• To foretell the end of our dreams

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    For what do humans come into being? For what do humans live on?
    For what are humans destined to meet those who will become important to them?
    Everything may rely solely upon fate.

    In this world there is time that one is forever unable to retrieve.
    In pursuit for forgiveness, one is destined to atone by living through agony and letting time slip away.
    The sorrow in the furthest reaches of one’s memory… The sorrow just beyond one’s memory…
    Which is more heartbreaking?

    Each person’s gaze will be locked on one whose feelings mirror their own.
    To protect one’s own happiness… To fulfill one’s own dream… And just to survive.
    Is there ever a time where one can live his own dream without inflicting a wound on someone else’s heart?

    Providence may guide a man to meet one specific person…
    Even if such guidance eventually leads him to darkness man simply cannot forsake a cherished goal.
    When will man discover a way to control his own soul?

    Every man sacrifices himself for his ambitions.
    Especially when he possesses a young heart he is unable to suppress his burning ambition.
    To gain glories, and to lose dreams; those are the fates one can scarcely avoid.

    Nothing is more profound or ever-lasting than envy and enmity.
    Man lives on in the deep darkness of such feelings and there, he forever strives against his sinful fate.
    In this world, is having affection for another an avoidable sin?

    Dreams, each man has dreams… Each man longs to pursue his dream.
    It tortures him, but the dream gives meaning to his life.
    Even if the dream only destroys his own life no man can allow himself to leave it behind.
    In this world. is man ever able to possess anything more solid than a dream?

    In this world, nothing is more variable than man’s heart.
    No man can help being caught by the feeling of love and no man can suppress his own heart.
    Man realizes his capacity for joy through love and his capacity for ruin.
    Could even this ruin hold an irresistible fascination for man?

    Those who dedicate their lives to another inevitably shed their own blood.
    Those who sacrifice themselves for hopeless love cannot help shedding tears.
    Dream and hope, death and despair.
    Can one find a reason for living in the act of believing and accepting all of this?

    To wield a sword is the proof of life… Dreams are spun and desire piles up.
    But something pure is being lost.
    For one who wields a sword for another.
    Or one who wields a sword only for one’s self.

    Everyone has a flame burning in their heart, which cannot be extinguished.
    In the flicker of the flame, there is a brilliance to be found.
    It burns on ambition, it warms the heart, and it reduces feelings to ashes.
    The question arises, will the flame of fate ever be extinguished as long as man lives?

    Someday, a man will have to forget something he once possessed.
    Someday, a man will have to climb over a wall that stands before him.
    He will keep his head high and strain his eyes toward the horizon as he keeps charging forward.
    In this world, does being young mean that matters of life and death are transient?

    If one only tastes victory in order to survive, a defeat will never be allowed.
    Tortured and saddened, such a man never has his back to the victory.
    To capture a dream, he will always be required to shed blood.
    Again, this is the fate that will befall a youthful heart.

    Why does a man desire to reach the summit?
    Why does a man crave to win thunderous applause?
    Dream, ambition, love, hope…
    Could the pride of a youthful heart actually be forbidden in this world?

    What does a man think when he reaches the summit of his dream?
    Days long past, future ambitions, or the emotion of love?
    Dreams are to be fulfilled for a man’s own self, but in his pursuit, he loses something else.
    By the time he realizes it is gone, will it be too late to restore what is lost?

    It is unavoidable for anyone who decides to follow his own path.
    Invaluable people and countless dreams…
    Leaving such things behind can either mean happiness or sorrow.
    And now, the wheels of fate truly begin to turn.

    A friend who has been left, a place that has been lost, a feeling that has been abandoned…
    It is fate’s mischief bringing such things about.
    Even when a man has joy, there is torment lurking on the other side of it.
    Why does blissful time always fly away in a twinkling?

    Unless one loses a precious thing, he will never know its true value.
    A light scratches the darkness, and the exhausted one faces his shattered dream…
    Realizing his path cannot be walked,
    Is there any way a man can live happily without embracing his wounded heart?

    Wandering through the never-ending darkness…
    Deep in the hearts of those who quest…
    What will keep their final flame burning?
    Will it be faith? Hatred? Or true love?
    When will mankind awaken to the true sorrow of one man’s loss?

    Beloved thoughts… The will to live…
    All is lost at the end of their journey.
    Their hearts bleed full of regret and sorrow as they stand idle.
    In this world, will mankind survive? Can only the wind foretell the end of their dreams?

    Their final destination is darkness and waiting for them is despair.
    They are swarmed by betrayal… confusion… tears… woe… solitude…
    And all that is left in the end is the purest dream…
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