• I’m loving Angels instead.

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    Monday the 10th of October…I just wished you Happy Birthday on your FB wall, I can’t even put into words how painful that is to do. The photo’s the memories……

    I miss you so much. I miss you more than anyone will ever know.
    These last few days have been some of the worst in a long while… I’m pms ‘ing plus missing you, so what do I get? I get two days of crying at the drop of a hat or worse still crying until I can’t see, every time the radio starts playing ‘Angels’ which seems, cruelly, to be a lot lately!

    You’ve been gone 3 years now and the pain is still the same. I’m learning time doesn’t really take this kind of pain away… I thought it would get easier but it doesn’t. I still feel the pain of losing you like it was yesterday. You truly were the best friend anyone could ever ask for.

    Your twins, your babies are 15 this year! can you believe it? and they are so beautiful and doing so well, you’d be so proud of them…I told you they’d be just fine…but that’s down to you, you raised two beautiful little people.

    I wish more than anything that you could have met my little boy. He would have adored you too, and oh, would you have loved him and spoilt him…worse than you spoilt my girls, he’s a little charmer, he really is!!

    There I go…I’m a blubbering mess again, I can’t write anymore. I can’t see through these tears or push through the pain in my chest anymore tonight.

    If only you knew how many nights I just stare at my phone, at your name still in my phone…wishing you were still here, wishing I could talk to you, text you. I just really need my best friend right now. I just miss you so much. Happy Birthday my beautiful friend. xx

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