• Angry Loud Scared House

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    I can’t call police to help you because I’m scared she’d hear me on the phone with the dispatcher. I’m as scared as you are when she’s mad.
    I can’t call police to help you because even if police believe the situation and take her into custody, she would be let out by a judge and your life would just get worse.
    I can’t call police because I’m scared they won’t care about you. You’re big. You’re a guy. She’s maybe 125 pounds, tops. She’s pretty. Other people won’t care if she abuses you.
    I can’t confront you about it because you believe her. Like. You believe like you deserve it. Nobody does. It’s not okay.
    I can’t confront you about it because you’d get defensive and embarrassed.
    I can’t confront you about it because I think you’re a totaled car.
    You’re capable of recovering from what she’s done to you, but y’know. You’re already in your late 20’s and the cost might be, y’know. A bit too much. I don’t think you will recover from the damage she’s done. So.
    She can’t come here anymore. I don’t care that your mom, our landlord, loves her. She’s terrifying when she snaps at you.
    You are hurt by an abusive partner. I am very sorry that this is your life. At the same time, I don’t let this type of thing invade my life. I have other plans. I’m letting you know, eh, I won’t allow this for even one more minute, m’kay?! You’re scaring the daylights out of our MIT roommate, too. This is the LAST DAY your girlfriend hurts you in this house while I’m here. If I need to, I’ll move out. I’ll take Rosalia with me too, if I have to. She’s here for school, not this. I’m here for my lab.
    If I thought police would’ve helped at all, I would’ve called them. I’m serious.
    I’ve got a list.
    It’s a list of things I can never do to another person, and nobody can do this to me, either. NO EXCUSES.
    I don’t care that she’s a small-ish lady.
    I don’t care that it doesn’t seem that bad to you and you’re not on death’s doorstep. It’s not the worst. It doesn’t have to be. It’s beyond the threshold of what is okay.

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