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    You come to see me if I got a hotel room? I would invite you to the house but its a ran down little place and I would be embarrassed if you saw it. Its a fixer upper. It reminds me of Sanford and son, Lol. Maybe your a bit young to know Sanford and son. I do plan on getting into my own place.

    I know this is a 1 in 1000 shot. I know your moved on. I do hope your happy. I just wish I was a part of it.

    I would love to see you again, but my hope is dwindling. I don’t know how to let you go when my heart is in control. How did you do it? Did you find another woman? If you did I hope she takes care of you. I have been approached. I’ve turned them down because my heart beats for you. I haven’t been with another female since you. I have had hopes in us. I see it slipping. I’m pathetic aren’t I?

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