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    I’m thinking about you. My body gets so aroused and wet. That’s when I picture your sexy mouth tasting me. I swear I can feel the warmth of your tongue deep inside of me and your silky swollen lips on my clit….. You make me a nympho!

    I’m lusting you hard! I want to pull that hair hard and bite that mouth while thrusting deep inside of you!

    I want you to moan in my ear and say my name!

    I will never tell you how I feel. It’s best that way. It’s got to pass I’m sure. Until then, we will become one in my thoughts. Hope you don’t mind….

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    1. Baby stop it
      October 9, 2016 at 10:18 pm

      Tell me how you feel directly and I will make you the happiest girl in the world… I promise. I lust for you so much babe and I love you too. I wanna lick your pussy and taste your delicious sweetness . Say my name Baby ! I love you so much … I want to suck and bite on your bottom lip… and I’ll pull your hair while I make love to you… MWAH

      My cock is always hard for you Baby <3

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