• To My Ex BoyFriend

    by  • October 9, 2016 • * Safe for Work *, Depression • 0 Comments

    the nights on the beach getting drunk or staying up all night driving around with friends doing stupid stuff like we were smart and the nights you’d hold me close and wouldn’t let go … the days when we would be driving in your car and you’d have to change gears but would be stupid and use the hand on the staring wheel to switch just so you didn’t have to let go of my hand , everything is so grey with you not around .. not talking to you at all killed me a little bit at a time everyday that went by when we stopped talking. we used to talk on the phone about getting married and getting engaged on a ferris wheel. i used to talk your ear off about colors for bridesmaids and what the wedding would be like . when we first ever met , i never thought id care for you soo much nor miss you like this… never thought you’d be the one to break my heart. i still think about the moments we’ve shared and the laughs, fights, crys .. you were once my best friend.. i could tell you everything and i trusted you more then anyone. when you’ve thought soo much about spending your life with one person, how do you ever find that bond again ? i still love you .. always will , and i miss your laugh and the name calling while joking around .. the look you used to give me whenever i said something that didn’t sound right or was just plain stupid … i miss you .. i miss us .

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