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    Anyone want to have a numbers discussion? Maybe take your mind off of broken hearts for a bit. Heartbreak gets boring after a while!

    I do not really subscribe to numerology, but it is hard for me to deny the possibility of repetitive numbers holding some meaning in our lives.

    For me, I have always been drawn to the numbers 77, 777, 88, and 888, but aside from using them as parts of my digital passwords they have not played any significant part in my life that I can recall.

    However, a dozen or so years ago I repeatedly started seeing 911 everywhere. This coincided with dating an angelic like person who’s birthday was on 9-11 and also when I first started experiencing anxiety attacks.

    I think it lasted for about a year or so and then subsided, along with the thinking that 9-11 was very Angel-like (aside from her physical beauty)!

    Then this year, the noticing of specific number sequences came back on a whole new level. On 3-21, I started seeing 11, 22, 1111, 1112 and 1234 everywhere. It has not subsided since and often gets quite annoying. I try to avoid looking at the clock, but the numbers find me in other places. Addresses, License plates, Hotel rooms, etc. A couple weeks ago 47 joined the mix and now I can not stop seeing it everywhere as well. Today I was listening to one of my favorite songs for the first time in a long time. The song mentioned ‘Qumran,’ a word I did not know the meaning of. I looked it up and found out that it refers to the site at which the dead sea scrolls were discovered (in 1947). Part of these scrolls included a complete manuscript of ‘The Book of Enoch’ – which I found strange because I had been thinking about ordering a translation for a couple weeks now (right around when I first started seeing 47). I have been reading quite a bit about reincarnation and further studying the possibility that references of reincarnation in the Bible were removed by the early Roman Catholic Church, of which did not find the belief useful for controlling people via Religion. References to ‘The Book of Enoch’ kept coming up during my research, so I think I will go ahead and order it.

    Anyways, I am a fairly grounded person and generally lean more towards scientific logic rather mysticism/spirituality to explain the inexplicable. As such, the Baader Meinhof Phenomenon explanation makes more since to me than Carl Jung’s synchronicity theory. However, I have not read his book regarding the subject and always try to keep an open mind. It is fun to imagine we are on some cosmic treasure hunt guided by signs from the Universe/Divine, but I don’t really have any concrete evidence to support this.

    Does anyone else see repetitive numbers? Theories on what they mean and if they have played any significant part in your life?

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      I have always been interested in numerology…

      There are a lot of different numbers I see on a regular basis: 44, 911, 123, 321, 33, 333, 369, 636, 666, 777, 77, 88, 888, 103, 811, 420, 626, and more…

      I have also seen 47 in a few places but not too often. In the game, “Hitman”, the main character’s name is Agent 47. Also, 47 is the atomic number of silver.

      Regarding 33, I believe this is code for “Master Mason” because 33 looks like MM when sideways. Freemasonry numerology is ubiquitous… 666 is used frequently and obviously that number has a demonic or evil connotation affiliated with it.

      911 is a very common one, obviously… look into Freemasonry and Illuminati numerology and you’d be surprised what you find.

      Also, I see varied forms of binary code everywhere. A lot of 1’s and 0’s…

      I don’t believe the numbers lead to anything but I believe they have meaning… I think it’s also important to note that selective attention plays a role in noticing the patterns. If you start noticing certain number patterns then you will subconsciously be looking for the same patterns.

      To answer your questions…

      Yes, I’ve seen repetitive numbers. They have varied meanings but I don’t spend too much time looking into it… I think 33 and 666 are the most common ones that I see. They don’t really affect my life at all…

      However, when I was a teenager I experimented with psychedelics for recreational, introspective, and inquisitive reasons. Every time I took a psychedelic substance such as LSD or mushrooms then I’d hallucinate number sequences. That’s how I knew if it was good stuff, if I saw numbers.

      I saw patterns of numbers on every texture and basically my world was covered in numbers… When I looked at the ground, I saw patterns of numbers, overlapping and endless. I could read off the numbers if I wanted to and they were everywhere from the clouds, the trees, my hands, the wall, the counter-tops, the ceiling, and etc…

      I haven’t dabbled with psychedelics in years but I guarantee I’d see numbers if I did…

      Numbers don’t have a big impact on my life… I guess I’ve always been good with numbers and I think they are really cool and interesting…

      One of my favorite quotes from a video game: ” THE NUMBERS MASON? WHAT DO THEY MEAN? ” … Because the main protagonist in the video game (Call of Duty) is a soldier named Mason who hallucinates numbers… And how coincidental that his name his Mason.. ? Just like Freemasons… Lol.

    2. Food For Thought
      October 11, 2016 at 12:33 pm

      Organic of course.

      At first I thought you might be mad. Or a conspiracy theorist? Why many are to then be labelled/stereo typed by others because it can’t be scientifically proven or worse brainwashed into believing it’s doesn’t exist. That its a myth.

      I personally thought in the past this sort of stuff was crazy like thinking. Its not.

      Take the number 1111.

      A reference to the time. Day night early morning. Why do I always see this exact time when I’m checking what time it is? Not a mimute before or after. Daily! Why does this happen(I understand what your real underlying question is:) This phenomenon, if I can call it that? It only started when I met the woman I fell in love with. I have no reason to lie about this. She also had this happen. We would be thinking about each other, wherever we were at the time, distance not a constant, to the point of being in a different the zone! I will be impressed if anyone can answer that?! So I then found out there is a spiritual meaning behind this number/time. I didn’t believe in that either.

      This isn’t something I talk about to others. One of lifes MANY mysteries.

      Just like there are something like 28000 galaxies that they have scientifically proven to exist. That in every galaxy, there is a high probability of their being a planet equivalent to Earth.

    3. Flower of life
      October 20, 2016 at 7:30 am

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